FROZEN ENERGY “замороженная энергия“

A/W 2018 - FROZEN ENERGY “замороженная энергия“

Referring to the novel “What is to be done?“ published by Nikolai Chernyshevsky in 1863, “замороженная энергия“ by Dominique Raffa exposes the emotional dynamic of the leading character Wera Pawlowna in her allegorical dreams. In these dream sequences, a future agrarian utopia is revealed, replete with electric lighting, glass and aluminum, also historically known as “frozen energy”.

In a video projection the dream persona engages and interacts with objects and a tangible doppelganger and displaces layers of fiction and reality. Wera’s dreams as a metaphor for emancipatory power foreshadowing a then distant future closing in and overcoming restraining structures of a patriarchal society. Just like “What is to be done?” itself, frozen energy as stored action potential unlocks elemental pathways to the future. : die Bezeichnung unerforschter Territorien früher Kartographien

Magdalena Mair as Wera Pawlowna
Produced by Dominique Raffa & Marko Reisinger
Music & Sound Design by Michael Schallmayer
Cinematographer: Marko Reisinger
Editor: Moritz Winkler
Camera Assistent & Swivel Chair Operator: Jura Branellec
Visual & Lighting Technician: Simon Valdarama
SFX & Lighting Technician: Walter Kanzelmer
Dolly Grip & Lighting Technician: Alex Ranacher
Lighting Technicians: Clara Dopplinger, Tino Musar, Roland Borsky
Script Supervisor: Barbara Hörtnagl
Property Landlord: Fritz Semeleder
Still Photographer: Judith Stehlik
Model: Leonie Schneider
Special thanks to Peter Dopplinger FGV, Harald Staudach, Konrad Becker

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