Kamera: Jürg Peterhans
Schnitt: David Grohe
Soundtrack: Felix Johannes Lange
Model: Edina Halac
Produktionsassistent: Pierluigi Gonnelli
http://stitchcode.com - VISIONARY EMBROIDERY by Andrea Stalder und Michael Aschauer

HIC SVNT DRACONES* – Mathematik versus Magie

The AW 2017 collection examines the use of open-source-code-based and self-generated embroidery designs in order to deal with loss of control. Causal principles of mathematics with their logical definitions apply to synchronistic principles, quantum physics phenomena and self-fulfilling prophecies. In the end, the style of our inner attitude remains when we meet external limits.

*THERE ARE DRAGONS: the description of unexplored territories of early cartographies

Fotos: Stefan J. Wolf,
Sound: Cornelius Berkowitz: Theremin, Hackbrett / Magdalena Adamski: Violoncello